Change Pi-Star Banner Color

Change Pi-Star Banner Color:

Goto: CSS Tool under Expert
Change Background Banner to: 3877dd
Factory reset only resets the colors to stock if.

2 additional new features: 

Update & Upgrade are embeded within expert tab = no more SSH access for future updates. 

Pi-Star DMR Configuration - DMR+ Network: Options

Pi-Star DMR Configuration
DMR+ Network: Options

Configuration ::
DMR+ Master – Choose a nearby master server.

DMR+ Network – Set up any options you want to use 1.

Note 1: If you don't want to auto-connect to a talkgroup (when Pi-Star is set up as a hotspot),
use: StartRef=4000;RelinkTime=60;UserLink=1;TS1_1=9;

Note 2: If you turn off DMR Mode via MMDVMHost Configuration, these options aren't saved.

When you turn on DMR Mode again with DRM+ or DMRGateway set as the DMR Master, you'll need to re-enter these options.

Disable auto update PI-Star

Disable auto update PI-Star

Pi-star what is the difference between the FW and Pi-star OS

What is the difference between the FW [Firmware] and Pi-star OS

FW or Firmware version middle left of pi-star dashboard
PI-STAR Operating System top right of pi-star dashboard

Dashboard = Blue is new Red

Dashboard = Blue is new Red

To change color in PI-STAR dashboard from console:

Password for Root Directory in Pistar

Question :
I need the password to access the Root directory in the Pistar system.
I've tried all the usual like pistar, raspberry and password.

Answer :

Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard

Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard is released

The installation is pretty straight forward, and can be done by following the instructions below. Please report comments/issues to me.

*** Warning NO admin DISABLE
- once install full access remote

Pi-Star PUBLIC v. PRIVATE settings

In the "General Configuration" of Pi-Star that has "Node Type: "Private" or "Public." If set to Private, only the DMR ID listed in this same section can use your hotspot. If set to Public, anyone can get in. As an example, I have 2 DMR ID's. Stuck one in my GD-77 and the other in the RD-5R....only the GD-77 could get in to the hotspot until I made it public. My nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away and "Charlie don't ham."

How do you lower the RF TX power

How do you lower the RF TX power

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 ( think it is the B version) I purchased a MMDVM hotspot that I need to configure. I can attach it to the system board. I found this document but I am wondering if the code in the steps is valid. I want to run DMR and YSF for now. I am just wondering if I can skip some of those steps, or if some one as coded a good template in a batch or ssh file (new be to Linux) you can put in your settings and then configure your hotspot. I see from the pistar page that you can bring up a web browser page (HTML, PHP, etc) to do the configuration.

Also on my MMDVM hotspot board, it has four pins / prongs that hang down an are low enough to make contact with the pins on the interface connector. I am just wondering if I need to insulate those pins / prongs, or since it is toward the middle, does it matter?

Here is the config document link

PI-Star version 3.4.12 May 01 Release Upgrade *NEW

PI-Star version 3.4.12 May 01 Release

Pi-star 3.4.12 is now live

Fire up your favorite SSH session and use:

RELEASE 3.4.12 (Upgrade)

RELEASE 3.4.12 (Upgrade)

I saw that a new version was available so I thought it best to get my system up-to-date.

I used the UPDATE button in Admin and the screen took longer than usual to process (as expected for an update). Everything appeared to finish as normal and I did a reboot. When I ran the system again and viewed the dash board the top right gave this Pi-Star:3.4.11 / Dashboard: 20180428. Did it update or am I still on 3.4.11? The system works great and is much appreciated.