HAM Radio hotspot - Change Pi-Star Banner Color

Change Pi-Star Banner Color: - example to blue / green
This is an example how to change the color or the Pi-Star interface

Direction are only for the updated version of pi-star (top right of pi-star)
Pi-Star:3.4.16 / Dashboard:20181111

see below step-by-step

Pi-Star DMR Configuration - DMR+ Network: Options

Pi-Star DMR Configuration
DMR+ Network: Options

Configuration ::
DMR+ Master – Choose a nearby master server.

DMR+ Network – Set up any options you want to use 1.

Note 1: If you don't want to auto-connect to a talkgroup (when Pi-Star is set up as a hotspot),
use: StartRef=4000;RelinkTime=60;UserLink=1;TS1_1=9;

Note 2: If you turn off DMR Mode via MMDVMHost Configuration, these options aren't saved.

When you turn on DMR Mode again with DRM+ or DMRGateway set as the DMR Master, you'll need to re-enter these options.

Disable auto update PI-Star

Disable auto update PI-Star

Pi-star what is the difference between the FW and Pi-star OS

What is the difference between the FW [Firmware] and Pi-star OS

FW or Firmware version middle left of pi-star dashboard
PI-STAR Operating System top right of pi-star dashboard

Password for Root Directory in Pistar

Question :
I need the password to access the Root directory in the Pistar system.
I've tried all the usual like pistar, raspberry and password.

Answer :

Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard

Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard is released

The installation is pretty straight forward, and can be done by following the instructions below. Please report comments/issues to me.

*** Warning NO admin DISABLE
- once install full access remote

Pi-Star PUBLIC v. PRIVATE settings

In the "General Configuration" of Pi-Star that has "Node Type: "Private" or "Public." If set to Private, only the DMR ID listed in this same section can use your hotspot. If set to Public, anyone can get in. As an example, I have 2 DMR ID's. Stuck one in my GD-77 and the other in the RD-5R....only the GD-77 could get in to the hotspot until I made it public. My nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away and "Charlie don't ham."

How do you lower the RF TX power

How do you lower the RF TX power

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 ( think it is the B version) I purchased a MMDVM hotspot that I need to configure. I can attach it to the system board. I found this document but I am wondering if the code in the steps is valid. I want to run DMR and YSF for now. I am just wondering if I can skip some of those steps, or if some one as coded a good template in a batch or ssh file (new be to Linux) you can put in your settings and then configure your hotspot. I see from the pistar page that you can bring up a web browser page (HTML, PHP, etc) to do the configuration.

Also on my MMDVM hotspot board, it has four pins / prongs that hang down an are low enough to make contact with the pins on the interface connector. I am just wondering if I need to insulate those pins / prongs, or since it is toward the middle, does it matter?

Here is the config document link

PI-Star version 3.4.12 May 01 Release Upgrade *NEW

PI-Star version 3.4.12 May 01 Release

Pi-star 3.4.12 is now live

Fire up your favorite SSH session and use:

RELEASE 3.4.12 (Upgrade)

RELEASE 3.4.12 (Upgrade)

I saw that a new version was available so I thought it best to get my system up-to-date.

I used the UPDATE button in Admin and the screen took longer than usual to process (as expected for an update). Everything appeared to finish as normal and I did a reboot. When I ran the system again and viewed the dash board the top right gave this Pi-Star:3.4.11 / Dashboard: 20180428. Did it update or am I still on 3.4.11? The system works great and is much appreciated.

Hotspot PI-STAR RF Power Level

Hotspot PI-STAR RF Power Level 

I have a mmdvm open spot and it has a hidden antenna built inside the box. It turned out I could use my HT with 0.5 W 200 meters away!

So I got inside the expert menu, and tuned down the "RFLevel" from 100 to 10. After the change, the communication is satisfactory in my apartment with reduced EMF.

your lan ip here:
- admin
- expert