HAM Radio hotspot - Change Pi-Star Banner Color

Change Pi-Star Banner Color: - example to blue / green
This is an example how to change the color or the Pi-Star interface

Direction are only for the updated version of pi-star (top right of pi-star)
Pi-Star:3.4.16 / Dashboard:20181111

see below step-by-step

  1. Configuration
  2. [login] 
  3. Expert 
  4. Tools: CSS Tool   (Goto: CSS Tool under Expert)
  5. Change Background / Banner to: 3877dd for example blue 

Factory reset the color to revert back to stock red.

red = #dd4b39
blue  = #3877dd
L-green  = #1E8449
D-green  = #145A32

search google for HEX Colors for more options.

also see this page ::

Upgrade are embeded within expert tab = no more SSH access for future updates.


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